on corridor 2122, by Julia Bradshaw

I first started attending the Corridor 2122 exhibitions as a member of the public when I moved to Fresno in 2008. As I had an interest in conceptual and contemporary art, I was always on the search for art that was provocative and made me think. One day in 2009, I walked into the Corridor 2122 gallery on a quiet Saturday and saw the exhibition “Counting”. This group show, by the members of Corridor 2122 and guest artist Nan Gomez-Heitzeberg, was exceptional. Each artist created works about collecting data or the methods or functions of counting in our day-to-day lives. The show was simple in concept, elegantly installed and thought-provoking. The exhibition balanced more difficult issues such as the serious role of counting required by an army soldier in Vietnam with the ineffectual process of counting falling-leaves. It was at that point that I started to pay more attention to the artists and art exhibited at Corridor 2122.

Julia Bradshaw, Curator and flight-attendant, explains the concept behind the exhibition "Air Travel" to opening reception visitors.

Julia Bradshaw, Artist, Curator and flight-attendant, explains the concept behind the exhibition “Air Travel” to opening reception visitors.

I joined Corridor 2122 in September 2010 along with Leslie Batty. We took over the studio from Steve Dzerigian. I treated Corridor 2122 very much as a sand-box, flexing my curatorial muscles, experimenting with new forms in my photography and, most importantly, being a more visible presence in the arts community in Fresno. Working with the members of Corridor 2122 on a monthly basis gave me the space to grow and develop my work. I was very grateful for the friends and opportunities I had as a member of Corridor 2122. A work opportunity led me to move to Oregon, but I wish I could have taken Corridor 2122 and its members with me. Fresno is fortunate to have such a gallery and such community-engaged artists within its city.

Julia Bradshaw