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CSUF Grad Student Invitational, 2011

Students featured:  Dawn Hart, Jordan Maliksi, Murleen Ray, Eliana Saucedo, Chris Scharnick, Kristina Stork.

CSUF Grad Student Invitational, 2010

The opening reception:

Splash – Altered Narratives, 2009

a William Raines Invitational

Artists shown: Auroras Armijo, Bob Barnes, Amy Blount Lay, Kristi Paulette Fleming, Michael Garcia, Donna Hopson, Anne Magana, Karl Petion, Peggy Quinlan, William Raines, Terrance Reimer, Mary Yoder.


CSUF Grad Student Invitational, 2009

2009 marked the first time that Corridor members worked with the faculty from the Department of Art and Design at Fresno State (CSUF) to provide the Graduate Students at CSUF with an opportunity to professionally exhibit their work. Students were selected based on their application packets, and studio visits were made for the selection of work that would be included in the show. The show was curated by Stephen Dent, Quinn Gomez-Heitzeberg and Kirtley King. Students selected to participate were Jill Tisdale, Peter Janzen, Zachary Welch, Chris Scharnick, Leslie Batty, Meiru Wong and Autumn Lencioni.


Splash, 2008

a William Raines invitational

Artists shown: Bob Barnes, Kristi Bollin, Terrence Reimer, Sarah Jane Alexander, David Hicks, Mary Yoder, Anne Magana, J.J. Johnson, William Raines

For food, politics or moral reasons, 2008

a William Raines Invitational

Artists shown: de bassecour + esther, Mike Griffith, Amy Harlin Lay, Julianna Ostrovsky, Tim Padilla, Karl Petion, William Raines, Mary Yoder.

Materials of Difference, 2005

a William Raines Invitational

Artists shown: Bob Barnes, Rod Fitiausi, Michele Fox, Mary Olilla, William Raines, Linda Richmond, Tom Wilson, Jame Zarl, David Gottini, Willie Sapp.

Video Work, 2005

Brian Springer // Jesse Wilson and Diran Lyons // Janice Kang

Brian Springer, "Spin".

Brian Springer, “Spin”.

Curated by Yumi Kinoshita and Quinn Gomez-Heitzeberg, Video Work showcased the work of Santa Barbara based video artists Brian Springer, Janice Kang, Jesse Wilson and Diran Lyons. Two works by Brian Springer were featured in the exhibition, “I Trust You” and “Spin”. The later of which the New York Times called “a devastating critique of television’s profound manipulativeness in the way it packages the news and politics.” Brian Springer’s work has been shown at the Center for Art and Media (ZKM) in Germany, the Hammer Museum (Los Angeles), the Whitney Museum (NYC), the Institute for Contemporary Art (London), and the Centre Pompidou (Paris), and has been broadcast nationally in the U.K. and by over 80 PBS affiliates in the US.