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Paint Job: Explorations of painting strategies, 2007

Nick Potter, Edward Lund, Melissa Delaney

On Drawing, 2005


Untitled (Acts:), 2005

Statement by Edward Lund

Untitled (Acts:)

Like many people I’ve enjoyed such films as Rear Window, Man-hunter, Silence of the Lambs, and Mystic River; and Law and Order, CSI, and Millennium on television. These are suspenseful stories of horrific crimes and the attempts to solve them. There are clues to by interpreted, evidence to analyze, alibis to verify, timelines to be evaluated, and someone to be found guilty of the heinous act.

We don’t value solving corporate crimes the way we seek out the entertainment of solving a homicide, rape, or child abduction. We are attracted to the plights of the subjects of our entertainment – the more gruesome the better. We are addicted to a morbid curiosity. Our vicarious participation allows us to overcome our most innate fears by investing in someone else’s misery.

I’ve created the four elements in this environment as clues to a possible scenario. Evidence indicates that certain events have taken place. the viewer/participant is offered the entertainment of arriving at a solution.


Grand Opening, 2004